• Spaghetti junction
    Walls alongside Spagehetti junction.
  • Northern busway
    Walls along side northern motorway, Constellation Drive to Onewa Road.
  • Northwestern motorway
    Walls along side northwestern motorway into the city centre.
  • SOHO square Ponsonby
    This site has been excavated down 4 stories for an entire street block, we sprayed concrete over the entire site for stabilising, approx 1200m³. As this project has not proceeded it is an excellent opportunity to view our workmanship.
  • Devonport Navy Base
    To stabilise the cliffs behind the Navy Base. This work entailed shotcreting cliffs faces that were up to 35 mtrs high, we used ling reach cherry picker to achieve this, coloured concrete was used to match the cliff sand stone achieving a low environmental impact on the surrounding area.
  • Hobson tunnel
    Tunnel walls at the base of the main tank, 37 metres down the shaft, the concrete was skipped to us using a 2 metre skip.
  • Hobson tunnel
    Prior to the marina being flooded with water, we applied shotcrete to stabilise the sea walls on the sides of the canal.

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